Frequent Questions & Answers

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Can i choose my special personal color for the housing?

The standard options are betongrau with satin finish
2015_KAFKA_Neu_0015-00 bright          2015_KAFKA_Neu_0015-slide4 medium      wireless music server black edition dark


or optionally select the color using RAL color charts or color automaker name itself.

color_options_4by3   color_options_3by4_2

Which model should i choose?

The main differences between the various models
Number of speakers ( or chassis ) supported
# R26 for 2 speakers + active subwoofer
# R46 for up to 4 speakers + 2 active subwoofers
# R56 for up to 5 speakers + active subwoofer
# R66 for up to 6 speakers and / or active 3-way stereo crossover
Output performance
# R26 , #R46, # R56 & # R66 for small to medium-sized rooms 25m² with small to medium sized speakers : 100 watts
# R26plus, #R46plus, # R56plus & # R66plus for medium to large rooms about 40m² with medium to large (Stand ) speakers : 200 watts

Where can i order the universal audio kraftwerk?
We are happy to make you an offer that suits you. Call us or send us an @ -mail to We respond immediately to your inquiry.
Which loudspeaker cables should i use?

For use with the universal audio kraftwerk, the cable ends are 20mm exempt from the insulation and twisted before they are screwed to the supplied Neutrik Speakon connectors. Pay attention to the correct polarity!

Basically, all high-quality speaker cable can be used. The necessary cross-section is 2.5 mm², with short connections and usual room volumes ranging from 1.5mm² also.

We encourage you to seek advice when KAFKA PURE AUDIO Support Team or your local dealer.

neutrik_speakon_cable_end          neutrik_speakon_wiring

Is there a recommendation which loudspeakers i should use?

The minimum nominal power handling of the speakers should always be greater than the rated power of the amplifier.
In general, all high-quality speakers can be used corresponding minimum impedance. With open questions, we recommend to let you to contact the KAFKA PURE AUDIO Support Team.

How can you help me setting up my system?

We are happy to assist in the preparation and measurement.
Please contact the KAFKA PURE AUDIO Support team or send us an @ -mail to

Where can i find the operating manual?
The instructions for how to setup the system, the technical specifications and the warranty guidelines can be downloaded as a PDF document here. All other documents and assistance programs for the settings of the functions of wireless music server are provided in the download section of the user forum.
Which Apps can i use with the universal audio kraftwerk?

Make sure that the operating system of your iOS or Android device is up to date, and the devices are registered on the same network. You can use any program that the daapd standard complies control the universal audio kraftwerk models.

We recommend using the Apple Remote app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices. Please have a look at the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or the Google Play Store for Anroid operated devices. There you can download the Remote App on your smartphone or tablet.

How can i control the universal audio kraftwerk with my own infrared remote device?

YES, select for the IR remote control of the KAFKA PURE AUDIO universal audio kraftwerk the Philips RC5 protocol.

You can assign the full functionality of the device following keys:

Funktion        RC5-Code

Device Code                       16
1          EIN/AUS                    50
2          Lautstärke +             51
3          Lautstärke –             52
4          Menü vorwärts         55
5          Menü rückwärts       54
6          Stummschalter         53
7          Funktion 1                 56
8          Funktion 2                 57
9          Funktion 3                 58
10        Funktion 4                 59
11        Auswahl Menü          48

What kind of user interface can i choose?

For the operation and control of universal audio kraftwerk you can use any program or use the app to daapd- or UPnP standard supports. The device is delivered with Airplay connectivity setup. After successful commissioning, you can switch to a user area of your choice.


Shairport_iTunesShairport(User Software Apple Remote for iTunes)

runeaudioRuneAudio(User Software WWW browser program)kodi  OSMC (Media Center, optional wireless mouse and keyboard are recommended and required for certain functions