low frequency transformer #L4U

The KAFKAPUREAUDI0 low frequency transformer #2L4U is an active subwoofer system with a direct radiating 12″ loudspeaker and a 500 watt power amplifier in a sealed concrete housing. It also has an internal processor that allows a flat acoustic response down to 6 hertz – well below the audible range of humans. The impression of power you have with your KAFKAPUREAUDI0 low frequency transformer #2L4U is greater than conventional bass systems. This also applies when the two systems are calibrated at the same sound pressure level.

The KAFKAPUREAUDI0 low frequency transformer #L4U is operated within the Time-Align® specification and exhibits a superior frequency and phase response. The KAFKAPUREAUDI0 low-frequency transformer #L4U has a tight package that is aligned with an unfiltered signal that allows for greater body impact and a seamless musical connection with the main loudspeakers – KAFKAPUREAUDI0 universal audio pretender #L22.

By extending the frequency response to a full octave below the so-called lowest musical note, 16 Hz> low C on a pipe organ, an improved phase response and reduced delay is achieved over the entire audible bass range. The KAFKAPUREAUDI0 low frequency transformer #L4U is respected for its fast response, tight and musically connected bass sound over the entire bass range. This gives you a realistic perception of the sound source for your music and movies!

Technical Specifications

universal audio transformer #L4U
________       Frequency Response

universal audio transformer #L4U
_ _ _       Electrical frequency response
……..      Acoustical output
_._._.      Acoustical frequency response
.._.._..     Impedance amplitude