Remarkably, what this device can do.

High quality digital / analog converter

Versatile Stereo  Pre- and 6 Channel Amplifier

Active 3-way crossover processor

Room acoustic  calibration instrument


The device does not have displays, switches and buttons. That assures you a very easy operation


The innovative I/O concept makes this solution for almost all hearing situations adjustable


A hand made case of concrete. Sensationally subdued and purist design


Updates and open exchange of optimized setups with KAFKA PURE AUDIO support team

The genuine digital music player of the KAFKAPUREAUDI0 universal audio kraftwerk enables you to experience outstanding details and breathtaking realism without having the IT-background knowledge.

From wherever your audio sources come from, an online streaming service, a NAS system or a portable USB device, it will play perfectly in a beautiful and intuitive way.


Use your smartphone to have everything under control, or

you may want to control the system with a simple infrared remote control or your existing devices. Personal Computers, tablets and smartphones all are compatible, whatever works best for you.

Following models are available – based on your personal taste

Beginners, enthusiasts or professionals? Each target group has a suitable model. Performance, appearance and even the user interface can be configured individually for you.

The handmade case is cast from one piece of concrete and available in 3 standard options or your personal color / texture, read more here

Dimensions    345 x 240 x 230  (W x D x H mm)   Weight ca. 25 kg

Technical Specifications


DSP with 6 configurable active filter channels
THD+N (Distortion) -102 dB analog,  -102 dB digital
SNR (Signal/Noise Ratio): 110 dB analog, 113 dB digital
Frequency Response 0 – 35 kHz +/- .1 dB
Channel Separation >108 dB
ADC (PCM4202) & DAC (AK4396) 24 bit/192 kHz Resolution
Sampling rates 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 und 192
Internal sampling rate 93.75 kHz


Output Power 120/240 Watt per Channel 8Ω
THD+N (Distortion) 0,008% 1Watt 20Hz-20kHz, max. 0,15% 50% load IMD
Output Impendance  <20 mΩ <1kHz, <150 mΩ <20kHz
Effiency 92% at full load
Energy-saving  Power Module 1200 Watt Output Power
Audio Output Performance max. 1500 Watt
Compatible with all types of loudspeakers 2Ω to 8Ω
Distortion (THD%)
at -25 dB and 4.7 Ohm load resistor
Fourier transform (FFT)
Noisefloor and spectral distribution
1kHz at -25 dB and 4.7 Ohm load resistor
Power Frequency Response
Full load 31.6 volts to 4.7 Ohm
Programmed power waste <10Hz to protect speakers from DC