universal audio pretender

The KAFKAPUREAUDI0 universal audio pretender is an exceptionally neutral sound transducer. Whether you listen to loud or quiet music it produces the finest nuances of the dynamics without any loss. This loudspeaker is characterized by the fact that you only hear the signals that have been sent. No more and no less.

The KAFKAPUREAUDI0 universal audio pretender is digitally controlled from the sound source to the diaphragm. It has a changeable characteristic. The loudspeaker chassis can be individually matched with the available room acoustics. The KAFKAPUREAUDI0 universal audio pretender picks up delicate tones and large vibrational widths with an ease of being that brings you even closer to the purest sound.

The KAFKAPUREAUDI0 universal audio pretender is the result of a wide and constant spectrum at extremely low power consumption. This makes it possible to reproduce a realistic sound image that meets professional requirements. This strikingly natural sound results from the harmonious engineering. Encased with the least space requirement 30 x 30 x 60 cm.

The housing of the KAFKAPUREAUDI0 universal audio pretender is a monolithic concrete element. It is equipped with sound-absorbing materials to avoid any possible reflection. Concrete does not vibrate because of its high-density mass, thus enabling resonance-free sound.

Following models are available – based on your personal taste

Beginners, enthusiasts or professionals? Select a suitable model for the Performance, appearance and even the user interface will be configured individually for you.

The handmade cases are casted from one piece of high-performance-concrete and available in 2 standard color options (bright/dark) or your personal color / texture, read more FAQ

Dimensions    300 x 360 x 600  (W x D x H mm)   Weight ca. 35 (kg)